Our Services

At Hometown Turf our service technicians have years of experience providing quality services utilizing the best chemical lawn and organic lawn products and services available. Our programs are designed to provide treatment, control and maintenance for our budget conscious clients.

Along with our basic & premium lawn care services, our comprehensive services include:

Lawn Pest Control & Grub Preventative Maintenance

The addition of ornamental plants and shrubs is a great way to enhance the appearance of your landscape but it can also encourage insects and other pests. At Hometown Turf we believe that you should care and protect your investment and as such we have developed a program to target and eliminate insects and other pests.

Our pest-control applications include:
• Target Over-Wintering Pests
• Insecticide Application for Existing Pests
• Evaluation to Diagnose Possible Disease
• Insecticide to Target Late Emerging Pests
• Weed Prevention
• Control and Elimination of Resident Pets
• Prevent Insects in Landscape Beds around your Home.

Top Dressing & Sanding

Top Dressing is a lawn care treatment system that is designed to improve the color and growth of turf grasses. By applying sand to clay-based soil, drainage is greatly improved allowing grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia to grow and prosper.

Top dressing will improve your turf by:
• Improving drainage
• Increasing nutrient retention
• Soften turf surface
• Increase natural resistance to disease and pests
• Provide excellent soil medium for tender root systems

Weed Control

Our lawn care technicians are trained to spot and eliminate all types of weeds that may plague your lawn in Middle Georgia. Using extensive training and experience, our technicians provide the most effective chemical lawn treatments, herbicides and organic weed control products. We are the experts when undesirable weeds and grass are a threat to your lawn!

We utilize a program of pre-applications for weed control as well as follow up visits to completely eliminate and weeds and keep them from returning.

7 Step Weed Control & Fertilizer Program
Round 1 – Pre/Post Emergent – February-March
Round 2 – Balanced Fertilizer – May
Round 3 – Balanced Fertilizer – June
Round 4 – Balanced Fertilizer – July
Round 5 – Pre/Post Emergent – September
Round 6 – Pre/Post Emergent – October-November
Round 7 – Lime Application – December-January

Our program is designed to effectively eliminate grassy weeds including: Orchardgrass, Dallisgrass, Nutsedge, Poa Annua, and Crab grass. Common weeds including: Clover, Dandelion, Wild Geranium, Wild Violet, Speedwell, Plantain, Pigweed, Wild Onion, Bittercress, Chickaweed, Dogfennell, Buttonweed, Henbit, Lespedeza, Oxalis, and Spotted Spurge.

Lawn Disease Control

Weather patterns have the ability to directly affect your lawn and Georgia’s humid climate is perfect medium to encourage fungus and other diseases that are extremely common in local grasses.

At Hometown Turf we offer quality chemical lawn treatments and specialty fungal treatments that are designed to provide disease control. Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced with chemical and organic lawn products that are specifically engineered to prevent and eradicate lawn disease and fungus from your yard.

Some of the common signs of fungus and disease include
Leaf Spot – spots on the grass leaves that have purplish to purplish brown borders and brown to tan centers.
Brown Patch – This disease is characterized by brownish gray patches in circular areas that may be a few inches to several feet in diameter. Most commonly found in Fescue Lawns.
Rust – will turn the grass light green and then begin to create an orange to reddish cast on your lawn, most often found in Zoysia and Bermuda Grasses.
Fairy Ring– This fungal infection is mostly caused by mushroom fungi and low soil fertility. The first noticeable sign of fairy rings may be a ring of mushrooms followed by rings of darker grass with an inside border of dead grass.

If your lawn is showing any signs of disease or fungus, or if you are experiencing signs or symptoms that you have never seen before contact us today to schedule your fungicide or chemical lawn treatment. Hometown Turf is equipped to eradicate all types of diseases from your lawn.

Lawn Aeration & Grass Seeding

Aeration is the process of removing small cores of soil which will allow air, water and nutrients into the root zone of your lawn to improve soil density and aid in the removal of thatch. We recommend aerating your grass annually. Certain types of grass such as Fescue require seeding applications in conjunction with a professional aeration program to ensure success. Since fescue does not self-germinate like other types of grass; it needs to be replenished after seasonal turf loss which is typically caused by disease, drought and other factors causing stress.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration and Seeding Include:
• Lawn water absorption and less runoff
• Promotes seed germination
• Opens soil to receive air
• Increases grass rooting

Aerating and seeding your lawn will increase the health, strength and appearance by allowing your lawn to receive the necessary nutrients it requires to be strong and healthy.

Lawn Fertilization

Regular application of fertilizer to your lawn is essential to providing your grass with the nutrients it needs to encourage density, growth and color. Using fertilizer will give your lawn the nutrients that it may be missing out on so that your grass can be healthy and consistent in color and appearance. Our expert lawn care technicians use the highest quality fertilizers available including organic fertilizers.

Benefits of fertilization include:
• Fewer insects & weeds
• Thicker, healthier grass that reduces run-off
• Resistance to disease, drought and other stress factors.

Contact Hometown Turf and speak with an experienced customer service professional regarding all of your lawn care treatment, control and maintenance needs.