Lawn Fertilizer Treatment Service

Hometown Turf is completely licensed and insured to supply commercial businesses and residential homes with a number of lawn care services in Middle Georgia. Our experts have advanced training, years of experience, and extraordinary skills that are enhanced with the use of high-end products, tools, supplies, and equipment offered only to licensed professionals to better ensure our customers receive nothing less than premium quality results. At Hometown Turf you can come to expect high moral standards, display work ethics, apply friendly customer service, and execute superior workmanship on every service we perform.

Professional Lawn Fertilization Services

Hometown Turf of Middle Georgia includes fertilization services to our commercial and residential customers locally and in surrounding areas. In order to get your lawn that beautiful lush green glow, you need to do more than conducting a perfectly timed watering scheduling and regular mowing maintenance. If you notice that despite doing these things diligently your lawn still lacks that amazing wonder, this missing ingredient is quarterly fertilization.

7 Step Weed Control & Fertilizer Program
Round 1 – Pre/Post Emergent – February-March
Round 2 – Balanced Fertilizer – May
Round 3 – Balanced Fertilizer – June
Round 4 – Balanced Fertilizer – July
Round 5 – Pre/Post Emergent – September
Round 6 – Pre/Post Emergent – October-November
Round 7 – Lime Application – December-January

Fertilization is Necessary for Healthy Lawns

Commercial business owners and residential homeowners need to understand that lawn maintenance, including lawn fertilization services is not only necessary but crucial for a healthy lawn. Regularly scheduled lawn mowing, a routine watering system, and lawn fertilization is an important regiment if you want the perfectly green, soft, lush grass every year. Dryer climates require diligent watering manually when the rainfall falls short. In so doing the grass manages a proper growth rate while minimizing the risk of grass-killing diseases.

Effect of Fertilizer on Soil PH

Fertilization is extremely beneficial to support the soil’s nutrients to promote the healthy, luscious and vibrant grass people are envious about. At Hometown Turf, we believe that our fertilization service is essential to ensure the nitrogen levels and nutrients are vital for healthy grass in order for it to grow quickly and beautiful. In addition, fertilization services can also aid your grass to recover from abuse, such as being crushed by heavy objects for example. For stabled grassy yards, nitrogen levels are an important element.

Grass Root System Depth

For your grass’s root system, lawn fertilization application helps considerably and it provides a healthy diet for your lawn. A strong and durable root system is what will ensure your grass is at its healthiest. Hometown Turf lawn fertilization service is precisely what your lawn needs to be strong, healthiest and most lush and vibrant. We recommend that your commercial and residential lawn care includes a schedule fertilization maintenance throughout the year.

Lawn Care Fertilization Schedule

Below you will find Hometown Turf’s advice for your lawn fertilization service schedule.
Early Spring: The first fertilization service of the year should be performed in early spring by a Hometown Turf professional, which helps a pre-emergent control of crabgrass and other grassy weeds.
Late Spring: Hometown Turf applies the second fertilization treatment in late spring. The treatment is an enriched nitrogen fertilizer that will contribute energy in an effort to support your turf during the spring growth surge.
Early Summer: The third treatment is best administered in early summer. This step in the fertilizer regiment is designed to strengthen plant tissue and increase résistance to disease during the summer months when grass is stressed.
Late Fall: The final treatment of fertilization for the year is executed in late fall. This fertilization treatment winterizes the lawn to improve the deep root development and to enhance the spring time arousal.

Lawn Fertilizer Treatment Service in Middle Georgia

Hometown Turf is ready to deliver our commercial and residential customer’s yearly fertilization treatments. Call us today to get started!