Tree & Shrub Care Maintenance

Hometown Turf caters to commercial business owners and residential homeowners throughout Middle Georgia with a number of lawn care services. We are fully licensed and insured to provide professional expertise and services at affordable rates. At Hometown Turf, our commitment to friendly customer service, high moral standards, exceptional work ethics, and superior execution of workmanship is what separates us from other professionals. Our specialists have training, skills, and experience that more than qualify them to take on any task associated with our services. Hometown Turf’s crew utilizes high-end products and equipment available only to licensed professionals to ensure premium quality results.

Consultation, Inspection & Assessment of Tree & Shrub Health

Hometown Turf of Middle Georgia offers many services to keep your lawn and landscape healthy, green, and lush among them; tree and shrub care services. Investing in a beautiful landscape is not cheap and properly maintaining the vegetation’s health care can keep them living for years to come. Our professionally trained experts performing tree and shrub service can help contribute to healthy vegetation. Hometown Turf’s evaluation of your landscape determines the proper treatment for each tree and shrub. We take into account the types of trees and shrubs, climate, potential pest control, weather preparation, soil conditions, and other concerns in an effort to protect your investment and allow it to reach maximum possibilities.

Tree & Shrub Care Maintenance Schedule

Hometown Turf understands trees and shrubs and what they require to stay healthy and strong all year long. From surviving the cold dormant months, to stimulating spring growth, to thriving in hot summers; your trees and shrubs are well taken care of with Hometown Turf. Our tree and shrub maintenance includes, but is not limited to the following care plan found below.
– In early spring, we apply our first treatment to fertilize the root system, which is designed to promote lush foliage in time for the beginning of the growing season.
– The most scientifically advanced products proven to be beneficial are applied three times a year every 4 months throughout the year to defend your plants’ foliage against destructive feeding insects and mites.
– To encourage durability, growth, and strength to survive the winter dormancy, we apply the winter fertilizer to your trees and shrubs to contribute to the trees and shrubs receiving the proper nutrients during the dormant months that are need to enhance deep root growth.

Tree & Shrub Care Maintenance in Middle Georgia

Whether you have an existing landscape that you want professional care or recently put in young trees and shrubs, Hometown Turf has the knowledge and talents to keep your shrubs and trees in the most optimal condition and care. Call Hometown Turf today if your shrubs and trees are in need professional care and we will gladly assist you.