Basic & Premium Lawn Care / Maintenance Programs

Basic Lawn Care/Maintenance Program

Our basic lawn care program is designed to provide your lawn with basic fertilizer and weed control scheduled around the seasonal changes in Georgia, with treatments designed to prevent grassy and broadleaf weeds. Herbicide treatments are applied to prevent weeds from surviving long enough to sprout followed by a secondary treatment to eradicate existing weeds.

7 Step Weed Control & Fertilizer Program
Round 1 – Pre/Post Emergent – February-March
Round 2 – Balanced Fertilizer – May
Round 3 – Balanced Fertilizer – June
Round 4 – Balanced Fertilizer – July
Round 5 – Pre/Post Emergent – September
Round 6 – Pre/Post Emergent – October-November
Round 7 – Lime Application – December-January

Annual Fertilizer Application containing the highest quality fertilizers are applied by our skilled technicians to encourage and promote growth; ensuring your lawn is green and lush. Fertilizer keeps your lawn healthy and strong to allow your lawn to fight weeds and encourage a beautiful appearance year round.

Our experienced technicians will apply a potassium application to encourage root development and help provide drought resistance along with a limestone application to help neutralize your soils acidity levels. Limestone will cause your lawn to utilize fertilizers more efficiently.

Basic lawn care / maintenance programs also include:
• Broadleaf control
• Crabgrass control
• Comprehensive evaluation during each visit for disease, insects and other environmental influences.

Premium Lawn Care / Maintenance Program

Our Premium Lawn Care program is designed to provide your lawn with all of the services included in our basic program plus much more! Our premium lawn treatment schedules are designed to include premium products to ensure your lawn is the best in the neighborhood.

Consistent treatment of weeds is one of the most importance services when it comes to maintaining your lawn’s health and appearance. Pre-treatment products are used to control and prevent weeds from sprouting and post treatments are applied to eliminate existing weeds or weeds that are just beginning to sprout.

Our qualified technicians will apply a fungicide application which acts as a medication for your lawn to cure or prevent stages of disease that may threaten your lawn along with a fire ant control treatment to prevent and control fire ant habitation during the year.

Phosphorus and Potassium are two of the most important nutrients that your lawn needs. We use a balanced macro/micro nutrient application program to allow phosphorus and potassium to be absorbed by your lawn to promote root development and drought resistance.

Our effective limestone application serves as a unique neutralizer. Lawns in Georgia have a tendency to have a high level of acid; a limestone application will help to lessen the soil acidity which will in turn help your lawn to effectively utilize fertilizers.

Premium lawn / maintenance programs also include:
• Broadleaf Weed Control
• Lawn Insecticides on an as needed basis
• Crabgrass Control and Prevention
• Sedge Control – evaluation for disease, insects and environment influences
• Free Service calls between applications