Fall Lawn Core Aeration

What is lawn core aeration? A machine, known as a lawn aerator, features hollow tines that mechanically remove plugs or “cores” of soil and thatch from a lawn. This process allows the soil to be easily penetrated with the oxygen, water, and nutrients it needs and helps reduce compaction of the soil. Hometown Turf is pleased to offer this valuable service to enrich your lawn and would like to elaborate the basics of core aeration for your fall lawn care needs.

Best Way to Aerate a Lawn

With multiple ways to aerate a lawn, some lawn aerators drive solid tines into the earth, however, this method is not nearly as effective as core aeration. By creating holes of a significant diameter between 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch, the absorption is better.

Purpose of Lawn Core Aeration

The purpose of core aeration is to stud the soil with a network of air pockets. A very important aspect is allowing oxygen to travel through this network. Grass roots do remarkable when they are able to breathe. Your grass roots also need water and whatever nutrients homeowners are supplying when fertilizing as lawns need more than just oxygen that must percolate down through the ground. Consider that the soil under your grass is likely poorly. It is compacted, instead of being fluffy enough for oxygen, water and nutrients to flow through it and down to the grass roots. Rendering it even more impervious, it may also be crowned with a thick layer of thatch and if that is a factor, core aeration is a must.

Will Aerating Lawn Help Drainage?

Core aeration can solve a lawn problem, such as when quite a few people complain about having moss plants growing in their lawn, thinking that all that is needed is to apply the correct herbicide, they will try to combat the moss. This is a method that cannot win the battle. Lawns that drain poorly due to compacted soil and/or thatch issues is a lawn extremely susceptible to moss. Lawn core aeration can also assist lawns that are subjected to excessive foot traffic, such as kids playing frequently on the lawn for example.

Fall Lawn Core Aeration & Other Landscape Services in Middle Georgia

You want core aeration in early fall, for cool-season grasses and the time generally recommended for core aeration is mid-spring to early summer. We at Hometown Turf are readily available to offer you core aeration as part of lawn maintenance. With so many services, we can help your turf stay healthy and strong to survive the cold winter months. Call us today to get started on your core aeration and we will help your lawn’s overall health and ensure it is done correctly. Our experts are experienced, trained, and skilled to make certain the core aeration and other services are executed with superior quality.