Weed Control & Removal; Broadleaf, Grassy & Woody Weeds

Hometown Turf supplies a number of services to commercial businesses and residential homes throughout the Middle Georgia area. We have been completely licensed and insured since 2009 to provide professional quality work with affordable rates. At Hometown Turf, we are dedicated to providing our customers an exceptional experience by upholding high moral standards and work ethics, applying friendly customer service and executing superior workmanship on a consistent basis. Hometown Turf specialists possess advanced training, years of priceless experience, and extraordinary skills that more than qualify them to perform any task associated with our services. In addition to amazing staff members, Hometown Turf utilizes premium quality tools, supplies, products, and equipment exclusively offered to licensed professionals to ensure our valued customers receive nothing less than maximum results.

Disadvantages & Negative Effects of Weeds on Grass, Plants, Flowers & Trees

Hometown Turf offers weed removal services for the commercial and residential properties in Middle Georgia and surrounding areas. Weeds do more than decrease the aesthetics of your landscape. With the perfect temperatures ideal for weeds Georgia has to offer, your lawn is the perfect breeding ground for an assortment of weeds. Not only will your grass, plants, and trees thrive here but so can the weeds and they will quickly spread if not properly controlled. Weeds will jeopardize the overall health of your plant life, grass, and your trees. Do it yourself weed removal and/or weed control can be time consuming and even overwhelming. With so many options to choose from along with deciding the time of year to apply the various products, there is a lot more to weed removal and control than you might have original supposed. Hometown Turf experts can assess the weeds overtaking your commercial and residential landscape and do what’s optimal to remove the weeds and preserve your flowers, plants, grass, and tree with our comprehensive weed removal service.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Hometown Turf applies our strategic methods and techniques to remove weeds while implementing fertilization to your grass, gardens, trees, and other landscape plants. Supplying your greens with the necessary nutrients it requires while protecting it from future weed growth is included in our service. To begin our weed removal service, Hometown Turf establishes the weeds infesting your Middle Georgia home or business’s landscape by analyzing the weed growth, taking in account the severity, and your current landscape maintenance practices. Hometown Turf’s number one goal is to remove the weeds, but we want to ensure the other desirable vegetation in your landscape thrives.
7 Step Weed Control & Fertilizer Program
Round 1 – Pre/Post Emergent – February-March
Round 2 – Balanced Fertilizer – May
Round 3 – Balanced Fertilizer – June
Round 4 – Balanced Fertilizer – July
Round 5 – Pre/Post Emergent – September
Round 6 – Pre/Post Emergent – October-November
Round 7 – Lime Application – December-January

Common Weeds Found in the State of Georgia

Annual Bluegrass | Annual Ryegrass | Barnyardgrass | Black Medic | Broadleaf Dock | Broadleaf Plantain | Brome | Buckhorn Plantain | Bull Thistle | Burclover | Carolina Geranium | Carpetweed | Catchweed Bedstraw | Cheat Grass | Chickweed | Common Mallow | Corn Speedwell | Crabgrass | Crowfoot Grass | Curly Dock | Dallisgrass | Dandelion | Dog Fennel | Eclipta | Evening Primrose | Fall Panicum | Field Bindweed | Fleabane | Florida Pusley | Giant Foxtail | Goosegrass | Green Foxtail | Groundsel | Guineagrass | Hairy Bittercress | Hairy Galinsoga | Hare Barley | Henbit | Honeyvine Milkweed | Jimsonweed | Johnsongrass | Junglerice | Ladysthumb | Lambsquarters | Lanceleaf Groundcherry | Lespedeza | Lovegrass | Marestail | Mayweed | Morning Glory | Mustard | Nettleleaf Goosefoot | Orchardgrass | Pennsylvania Smartweed | Pennywort | Perennial Ryegrass | Poa Annua Pokeweed | Prickly Lettuce | Prickly Sida | Prostrate Knotweed | Prostrate Spurge | Purslane | Ragweed | Rattail Fescue | Red Sorrel | Redroot Pigweed | Russian Thistle | Sandbur | Scarlet Pimpernel | Sheep Sorrel | Shepherd’s Purse | Sibara | Signalgrass | Smooth Crabgrass | Smutgrass | Southern Crabgrass | Southwestern Cupgrass | Sow Thistle | Spotted Spurge | Stinging Nettle | Stinkgrass | Sunflower | Sweet Clover | Swinecress | Tansymustard | Texas panicum | Velvetleaf | Virginia Pepperweed | White Clover | Wild Cane | Wild Carrot | Wild Radish | Witchgrass | Woodsorrel | Yellow Foxtail

Weed Control & Removal; Broadleaf, Grassy & Woody Weeds in Middle Georgia

No job is too small or too large, with Hometown Turf we can ensure all weeds are thorough removed from your Middle Georgia commercial and residential landscape. With regular weed control applications we can deter future outbreaks, leaving your lawn gorgeous and weed free. Call Hometown Turf today to get started on your weed removal service!